Pike Union Wants to Bring Back the Heat

1204210469In yesterday’s Herald, we learned that Turnpike Chairman Alan LeBovidge stripped toll workers of their guns to prevent a shootout from either a cowboy movie or a re-creation of the scene in The Godfather where Sonny gets shot. The piece made it sound like every person who takes your money is packing heat.

However, a leader of Local 127, which represents the workers, says that the employees only sometimes carried weapons. Looks like we’ve got another great union battle heating up.

Union head Robert Cullinane called shenanigans on LeBovidge’s comment about the tollbooths turning into a shooting range.

“Alan LeBovidge should be fired for giving you that information because it’s a lie,” Cullinane said yesterday.

Cullinane claims that only some employees carried guns in order to protect the cash as it was transfered to an armored truck to go back to Pike HQ. Turnpike officials say that point is moot because the employees didn’t know how to properly use the firearms.

We say we hope this fight gets as ludicrous as the one between the Boston Firefighters’ Union and Roderick Frasier. We can’t wait to see the levels of funny LeBovidge can reach when he’s angry.