The Red Sox Players Also Beat Up on the Kids

1193839290Earlier today, we reflected on the utter lack of regard Red Sox fans show their brethren when presented with the opportunity to get an autograph or a Paw Sox souvenir baseball. But it seems that zealous fans aren’t the only ones willing to beat on some children young adults in City of Palms Park.

Your 2008 Red Sox completely humiliated Boston College in a spring training game.

The still-employed writers at liveblogged the game. (Even Amalie Benjamin needs to get back into form.) The final score was 24-0. Mercifully, the game ended after only seven innings.

Notable events include Josh Beckett needing just 13 pitches to get the first three batters out, BC left fielder Sam Shaughnessy striking out, and the continued awesomeness of Kevin Youkilis. Sure, the BC team is barely out of puberty, but that’s what we said about Jacoby Ellsbury.