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1204205531Could the era of the long-term mayorship be over? City councilors have a proposal that would limit Boston mayors to a 12 year term. Mayor Tom Menino says he won’t stand in the way of the plan if the council unanimously agrees. His laissez-faire attitude is probably due in part to the fact that he’s exempt from the limit because he’s already in office. [Herald]

It’s 2008. Get with the times and get yourself a blog: A Brookfield man has erected a sign that he uses to display angry messages about town officials. Residents fear that his screed will prevent people from becoming involved in town affairs, and they hate having to explain the messages to their children. [Globe]

Yeah, yeah, that’s great. Now give us back our original Basement: In a bizarre corporate partnership, Filene’s Basement has become an official partner of the Celtics. Maybe now Big Baby can get a coat. [Herald]

If we had $28.9 billion in the bank, we wouldn’t give it up easily: Colleges and universities with huge endowments are fighting congressional efforts that would force them to spend some of that money to defray tuition costs for poor and middle-class students. [Globe]