Finally, Randy’s Back

That was a lot of hand-wringing for a fair deal, now wasn’t it? Sometime today the Patriots are expected to announce the re-signing of Randy Moss (some have speculated it’s for 3-years and $27 million, but no terms have been announced). Guess he won’t be reuniting with Daunte Culpepper, after all.

Not that the past three days haven’t been fun for talk-radio hosts, but really, where was he going to go? The Cowboys to play second-fiddle to T.O. and compete with Jessica Simpson for the affections of his quarterback? The Packers to freeze his ass off in the hopes that Brett Favre keeps playing forever? The Carolina Panthers???

Um, no.

There was really only one place Moss was going to go where he could play with a great quarterback, for a coach who doesn’t treat him like a 12-year-old child, and in a “city” like Foxboro. Well, maybe Indianapolis, but the Colts can’t afford him right now.

So, Moss will be returning to New England and suddenly the loss of Donte Stallworth doesn’t seem so bad, does it?