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Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1204569787This either made our Monday our ruined it. We’re not sure which yet: Members of your Boston Red Sox participated in “Dancing With the All-Stars,” which raised money for the Mike Lowell Foundation. Jonathan Papelbon danced in a Versace lace bodysuit, but Mike Lowell got the top prize. []

Cambridge is America’s Walking City? Prevention magazine rated the People’s Republic the best walking city in America. Strangely, the city’s neighbor that actually calls itself America’s Walking City came in 9th. [Cambridge Chronicle]

Yet another youngster is a victim of obsessive Red Sox fans: A girl from New Hampshire is devastated after her baseball that was autographed by Coco Crisp and Manny Ramirez was stolen out of her checked luggage. Let that be a lesson to you, kids—keep your memorabilia in your carry-on. [WBZ]

You’ve just allegedly robbed a bank. What are you going to do now? Apparently, you’ll head for a strip club in Revere to spend what you stole. [Patriot Ledger]

And here’s what Bostonista and Chowder have for you.

Road trip! We go to Portland, Maine for some excellent French Fries and some really terrible service.

Can a lip gloss make you skinny? We try Fuze Slenderize Guilt Free Lip Gloss.