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1204550487And we thought our weekend to-do list was long: The Big Dig has 2,000 things left to accomplish before the project is actually complete. Wrapping up the last one percent of the project should take about 18 months. [Globe]

OMG boobs: A local politician has proposed a law that would expressly allow mothers to breastfeed in public. [Herald]

Hey, mandatory health insurance works! Sort of: Use of the state’s “free care pool” has dropped 16 percent during the first year of the mandatory health insurance law. However, the state didn’t save any money because it’s costs are based on the last fiscal year. [Globe]

If traipsing around by the waterfront on a sub-zero December night sounds like fun to you, you’re in luck: Advocates for the Seaport District want to extend the city’s First Night celebration to the up-and-coming area. [Herald]