The Herald Tempts Fate

1204641457We’ve got to give the Globe credit for owning up to the fact that columnist Adrian Walker was arrested for allegedly operating under the influence. The paper of record gave readers a basic rundown of what happened in the “New England in Brief” sidebar, and moved along.

Of course, the Herald played up the story. And while we love schadenfreude as much as the next media outlet, the tabloid should judge not, lest it find itself getting judged. Especially by an “activist judge.”

This is pretty much an open invitation for karma to come down hard.

[Transit Police Sgt. Richard] Campos stopped Walker at 135 Morrissey Blvd., just outside the Globe’s headquarters. He wrote in his report that Walker had “bloodshot eyes, spoke with a thick tongue and he appeared drowsy.”

Walker told police he had two glasses of wine at Silvertone, a Bromfield Street bar.

“As Walker was walking to the booking area, he stumbled and fell to the ground,” the report states.

Be careful, friends. The next thing you know, one of your columnists (rhymes with Owie Are) will get pinched and the arrest report will note that he allegedly was listening to a tape of Barack Obama’s 2004 speech at the DNC. And weeping.