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1204723696The fight continues for some, ends for others: Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton kept her campaign alive by winning primaries in Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island yesterday. On the Republican side, John McCain clinched the nomination and Mike Huckabee stopped believing in miracles and ended his campaign. [Globe, Globe]

During these troubled economic times, we’ll take our bargains where we can get them: Nordstrom has announced it will open a Nordstrom Rack in Danvers this fall. The store sells brand-name clothing for discounted prices. Hey, it ain’t the old Basement, but it’ll do. [Herald]

Hungry like the wolf: After nearly 200 years, a gray wolf was found in Massachusetts. The bad news? It was shot and killed by a farmer because it was eating his lambs. Welcome back, gray wolves! [Globe]

Yeah, that might be a good idea: Boston school officials vowed to speed up a security review that was already in progress at West Roxbury High School after a student’s family walked into the building and beat the crap out of another student in the cafeteria. [Herald]