Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1204829540Come on. It is kinda funny: Officials in Athol are upset by a Comcast ad that features a sign that reads “We can pronounce Worcester. . . Without sounding like an Athol.” They insist the name of the town isn’t pronounced like the part of the anatomy Comcast was insinuating. [FOX 25]

He sounds and acts like an Athol: A man who was out for a walk with his boyfriend was struck by a driver who shouted a homophobic slur as he left the scene. [Cambridge Chronicle, second item]

How not to smuggle drugs: A man in Springfield will serve two years in jail after he signed for an 88-pound package of pot in July. []

It’s pretty warm out, but we would have stuck with driving with the windows down: Two teenage girls were taken to the hospital after they fell off the back of a moving convertible. [WCVB]