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1204809451The governor discovers the power of a glossy magazine: Gov. Deval Patrick continues to make his case for casino gambling, this time printing up a 12-page color magazine titled Resort Casinos: Creating Jobs, Growing the Economy. Somewhere in the State House, Sal DiMasi is working on one called Resort Casinos: Over My Dead Body. [Herald]

In other ongoing fight news: The state has held off on nullifying the results of a promotional test for firefighters after union officials blasted the state for not having concrete proof that some test-takers cheated. [Globe]

We love a (kinda) happy ending: A man who was accused of raping a woman in a bathroom at Felt has been cleared of all the charges. He is considering a lawsuit against police after what his mother called an “overzealous” investigation. [Herald]

Though the sun is shining, it’s a rainy day for the MBTA: The troubled transit agency had to take $20 million out of its emergency fund for its 2009 budget. [Globe]