‘Conventional’ Defeat for an Unconventional Campaign

1204903517We thought we learned the true meaning of heartbreak when Mitt Romney dropped out of the presidential race last month. But as we started to see past our heartache, we noticed something else was missing.

Our boy, Ron Paul.

Though he said he was still in the race, we noticed he wasn’t making much news. When we wrote about him, his rabid supporters were silenced like Old Yeller behind the woodshed. Something seemed off.

And indeed it was. Ron Paul is giving up the ghost and admitting he can’t win the nomination.

Paul posted a seven-minute long message to his supporters on his website. And while we love him, we can’t sit through a seven-minute YouTube clip. Thankfully, someone at the New York Times had some patience and transcribed the good parts.

“Though victory in the conventional political sense is not available in the presidential race, many victories have been achieved due to your hard work and enthusiasm,” Mr. Paul, of Texas, said in the video, which clocked in at over seven minutes long.

Seriously, Ron. Add some music at least. We grew up on MTV and Ritalin—we can’t focus for more than five minutes at a time, especially when we’re dealing with a loss.

Though he has no shot in hell at winning the nomination, Ron’s going to continue to campaign to continue “the revolution.”

“But we do still encourage all effort to gain the maximum number of votes and delegates in all the remaining primaries and to continue the caucus process that’s ongoing in the other states by loyal volunteers.”

So. . . does this mean the Ron Paul Blimp will be making a stop in Boston? We’re still sad it couldn’t visit back in December. We’d wager the Founding Fathers would have used blimps for the original American Revolution, had one been available.