Stop Acting Like Athols, Athol

Dear Athol Town Officials,

1204901785Hello, friends. Boston Daily here. Yesterday, we learned about your indignation over a Comcast ad that used the name of your town as a PG-rated replacement for a part of the human anatomy.

Today, we’ve learned that Comcast has apologized to you and pulled the print and TV campaign. And if this satisfies you, you’re not thinking this through.

When we read yesterday’s news, we had to Google map your town to make sure we knew where it’s located. (For the record, it’s here.) We tried to find an image of a “Welcome to Athol” sign in Google image search, and found only two.

Clearly, you have a public relations problem.

But then Comcast came in and advertised your town for free. Suddenly, the name of your town became a punchline. People would come and get their picture taken with the “Welcome to Athol” sign. It would be a whole new beginning for you.

But you didn’t take this golden opportunity. Because you humorlessly pointed out the town’s name is pronounced “ATH-ul” and demanded Comcast stop mentioning your name in its ads, the interest will slowly fade away and the rest of Massachusetts will forget where you are.

Bad call, Athols.

Boston Daily