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1204896793Here’s more material for the next issue of Gov. Deval Patrick’s casino magazine: A Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce study supports the governor’s claims that thousands of jobs and billions of dollars would come from three resort casinos in the state. Critics of the study say it ignored the impact casinos will have on local business and didn’t consider the expansion of the facilities in neighboring states. [Globe]

Start snitchin’: Crime reports are coming in to Boston police have increased five-fold since 2005. [Herald]

Shouldn’t you be at school or something? Stuart Spina, a 17-year-old who studies the MBTA’s bus system, presented a laundry list of suggestions on how to improve service to the agency’s board yesterday. Doubtlessly delighted he didn’t have to hire a consultant to do all that work, Dan Grabauskas promised to take a closer look at Spina’s suggestions. [Globe]

If we had to deal with novice drivers all day, we’d be tempted to drink too: A driving instructor in Ipswich pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges he was drinking alcohol out of a Robitussin bottle while in the car with student drivers. [Herald]