Mayors Are Blogging it for Themselves

Dear Blogging Mayors,

1205161650Greetings, fellow bloggers! We’re so excited to hear that you’ve embraced the internet. We knew that some city councilors have learned to love this great gift that Al Gore has given us, but it’s nice to see that the guys in charge have taken their appeals directly to the public.

But you’ve got to jazz it up a little.

When the Globe says your writing is a little stiff, it’s time to reevaluate.

[T]he posts are, well, kind of boring.

Indeed. Here’s a snippet of Somerville mayor Joe Curtatone’s latest entry (posted on December 20).

Two big fires and two big snowstorms. With many of us in city government working even more nights and weekends over the past two weeks, I’m not sure how we’re going to get our Christmas shopping done.

Eh. A crack about functioning on Red Bull would have more apt.

Methuen’s Bill Manzi takes issue with the piece in a post titled “Boring? How dare you!” It’s pretty close to the right amount of self-deprecating humor and righteous indignation that a good blogger needs. Also, he’s updated his page since the beginning of the New Year, Mayor Curtatone.

But the public official we’re most disappointed in is Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino, who doesn’t have a computer in his office, does not have a blog.

Who does he think he is, the Bureau of Indian Affairs?

We can help you, Mayor Menino. We’ll bring you a laptop and help you set up a Blogger account. It’s really fun once you get going, and Howie Carr won’t be able to make fun of your accent. Everybody wins!

At the very least, hook spokeswoman Dot Joyce up with a Typepad page. Every once in a while she says something to the papers that leads us to believe she’s got a talent when it comes to snarking. Let her share it with the world.

See you at the next blogger meetup,
Boston Daily