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1205151980To follow the governor’s casino jobs logic, it’s better to have some cops than no cops, right? Gov. Deval Patrick’s campaign promise to bring 1,000 new police officers into the state has been thwarted by tough economic times. Cities and towns have largely spent the funds on keeping cops that were in danger of being laid off. [Herald]

But did he play golf with anyone he shouldn’t have? House Speaker Sal DiMasi is under fire for being deeply involved in a rushed contract process for the state’s IT needs. [Globe]

If someone loses their house, they lose their pantry too: The downturn in the economy has formerly middle-class people turning to food banks in droves. [Herald]

But the internet is way more fun than playing Candy Land for the millionth time: Some communities in Massachusetts are holding “unplugged” nights. Children don’t have homework, and parents are encouraged to put down the BlackBerry and interact with their kids. [Globe]