Boston Daily Adopts a Marathoner

Patriot’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. With any luck, the sun will be shining on us as we take in the early game at Fenway and make our way outside to cheer the dedicated souls running the Boston Marathon. The 2008 marathon will be extra special for Boston Daily, because we’ve made like Angelina Jolie and adopted a runner.

1205263316 We’d like to introduce Lindsey Webster. This former Bostonian and five-time marathoner now lives in Chicago and will run Boston for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. She was invited to join the organization’s first team to ever participate in the Boston marathon by a former coworker who works for the Reeve Foundation.

In order to run the race, she had to promise to raise $5,000 by June 1. But she’s aiming higher than that.

“Someone at the Christopher Reeve Foundation knows me well enough to say, ‘Well, most people are able to raise double what we ask for.’ And I’m thinking, ‘Man, five thousand sounds like a big enough challenge. How do you expect me to raise $10,000 other than selling myself on the street?'”

We can’t let this happen, dear readers.

As of this writing, Lindsey has raised $2,242.79. Though she remains confident that she will exceed her fundraising goal, the stakes are high.

“If I don’t make it to the $5,000 mark, they will make me pay the difference myself.”

Times are tough, and we can’t come up with more than $2,500 by ourselves. Head over to Lindsey’s page and make a donation. Much like the poor children you see in TV commercials, we’ll keep you updated on Lindsey’s progress and how she does in the race.