Our Cape League Name is the Boston Daily Braves

With the high price of tickets for a game at Fenway Park, we’ve become big fans of minor league baseball. For the money we’d spend on StubHub (or for the Xaverian Brothers High School auction) we can drive to Pawtucket, park, buy tickets, gorge ourselves on food and drink, and have enough money left over to stay in the shadow of I-95 at the Comfort Inn Pawtucket.

1205246267The Cape Cod League is another way to enjoy a more affordable nine innings. And they have charming names like the Harwich Mariners and the Chatham Athletics.

But Major League Baseball wants the teams to change their names. [Link via Deadspin]

Despite the fact that some of the Cape teams are older than the Major League teams with the same name, MLB wants them to either give up their names or jump through hoops to keep them.

[T]he big league organization would agree to continue to provide a $100,000 grant to the Cape League, which the league uses for a variety of operating costs, as long as the six affected teams return signed permission agreements. Under those agreements each team will be granted the right to use a text-only and stylized version of the team’s nickname. . . and a composite logo consisting of MLB’s silhouetted batter logo combined with the text “funded in part by Major League Baseball.”

Doesn’t Major League Baseball have bigger problems than a bunch of baby-faced college kids wearing knockoff Mets hats?

The Cape League and MLB are still in talks to determine what should be done. If you need us, we’ll be buying up all the Orleans Cardinals merch we can find.