Rumblings from Romney

1205250356Finally, our obsession with former governor and former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has been rewarded. While he still hasn’t logged into MySpace since last month, his web site has been updated.

Looks like he took our advice and is ready to get back in the game after losing the girl the nomination.

It’s an interesting shift from what was left on the page after Romney dropped out of the race. Until now, there was only a generic thank-you message with no additional information. Now we can read a short biography of the former candidate (which makes no mention of his failed bid for the presidency), his wife, and look at adorable pictures of his photogenic family.

1205250969Speaking of photogenic, this is quite a sexy picture of Ann. A month off the campaign trail has done her a world of good.

A rundown of Romney’s position on the issues has also been posted. Just in case anyone would like to offer him the position of Vice President. Unlike some people, he’d probably be grateful for the opportunity.