The Bus Is Not Cool

1203007754Our feelings about the coolness of the Globe are well-documented. The paper writes a trend story about blogging mayors, but spends a paragraph explaining what exactly a blog is to its readers. We know its print circulation is down, but it’s not just elderly shut-ins who read the hard copy.

Today our paper of record has decreed that riding the bus is cool again. To which we reply: Riding the bus was never cool.

People ride buses because they have no other affordable option. The Globe only need look to its own coverage to learn why travelers are excited for a $1 trip to New York.

Robberies have increased while other crimes have declined. Grocery prices are up. Foreclosures are affecting everyone. Bankruptcy claims are skyrocketing. Gas prices are reaching record highs. Amtrak is now screening bags, which will deter those who took the train to avoid the hassle of air travel.

Just because a lot of people are doing something, doesn’t make it cool. Once the economy rebounds, we’ll be back in our cars and leave the buses to the college students.