Time to Start Looking for a New Place, Kids

Our MySpace friend and multi-media mogul City Councilor Mike Ross has succeeded in his bid to limit the number of undergraduate students in a single apartment to four. A large crowd gathered at today’s Boston Zoning Commission hearing about the measure, which was approved in a 9-0 vote. And it appears that some of the affected students don’t quite understand how to dress for a high-profile meeting.

We don’t want to go all What Not to Wear on you, but you’ve got to see the first picture that accompanies Boston.com’s report. Go take a look, then come back here and we’ll discuss.

We know.

Come on, dude in the orange shirt. You’re showing up at City Hall to argue that you and your undergraduate ilk deserve the right to cram yourselves into a dumpy 9-bedroom apartment in Allston, and you wear Uggs and basketball shorts. Were you raised by unemployed wolves?

This is why most people are happy the measure passed.

Captain William Evans, a Boston police officer, said he had seen first-hand how large groups of students living together could hurt residents’ quality of life.

“We dread September and October in the Fenway and Allston-Brighton area,” he said. “It’s a tremendous drain on our resources. Nothing bothers me more than hearing people are fed up and fleeing the city.”

That outfit alone makes us want to flee the city.