Clay Buchholz: Not That Innocent

1205438755We love Clay Buchholz (but not in a carnal way). First of all, he’s a wee baby at only 23-years-old. Secondly, his ears are kind of weird. And, frankly, he ain’t no Joey McIntyre.

But someone does love Buchholz in a way that involves nudity: 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Year Erica Ellyson is dating Clay Buchholz. (Link semi-suitable for work viewing.)


We can’t even imagine what these dates are like. Maybe they talk about Ellyson’s love of architecture. Or her love of spankings. Perhaps they go fishing.

Call us up, you lovebirds. We’d love to go on a double-date. But not like that.

And the weird thing is, his dad is totally cool with his son dating the Penthouse model.

“It doesn’t surprise me any,” said Clay’s dad. “Last year up in Boston he was dating a Victoria’s Secret model, so he’s moving up the ladder . . . . I mean, he’s got pretty good taste.”

So. . . Penthouse is up the ladder from Victoria’s Secret? Somebody tell Heidi Klum before she embarrasses herself further.