Further Adventures in Zoning Hearing Sartorial Choices

1205435826Yesterday afternoon, the Boston Zoning Commission unanimously approved a proposal that will limit the number of undergrads that can live in an apartment to four. It was all due to the hard work of our MySpace Top Friend, City Councilor Mike Ross. He attended yesterday’s epic meeting but says he doesn’t remember the kid in the orange shirt and Uggs…which still disturbs us.

But he does remember a student who was wearing a loincloth.

“It was this leather wrap thing,” Ross explains. But, then, the councilor doesn’t want to disparage loincloth-wearing Timbah Bell.

“I was really impressed with him,” Ross says. Timbah Bell was the one student who spoke in favor of the proposal at yesterday’s meeting, encouraging his fellow students to be more socially-conscious.

While Ross says his proposal aims to bring down prices for families in student-heavy areas, he doesn’t have much pity for the students who can’t afford housing near campus.

“Maybe he’ll have to move farther out from exactly where he wants to be,” Ross says about a student who complained about the new law. “We don’t have enough housing for everyone in Boston. It’s part of what you have to do.”