Farewell, Fudgie

1205506498We here at Boston Daily have celebrated many a birthday with our friend Fudgie the Whale. The Carvel classic ice cream cake is made with a layer of chocolate ice cream, another of vanilla, those delicious chocolate crunchies, and then surrounded by fudge and icing.

But our favorite frozen whale won’t be as fresh as it once was. Carvel is closing its Marlborough factory and will manufacture its treats in Connecticut.

It’s yet another reason to dislike Connecticut. The 90 employees at the Massachusetts plant will lose their jobs as the company tries to save money by consolidating the two facilities.

We feel like the kid at the end of Free Willy. We know the company will be able to continue producing the chocolate whales if they cut costs, but we’re so sad to see the little guy leave us. You touched our lives, Fudgie. Enjoy your new life in Connecticut. If you can.