Sal & Deval: It’s Getting Heated

1205504700Next week, the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies will hold a meeting about the pros and cons of Gov. Deval Patrick’s casino proposal. And if this week’s escalating tensions between Patrick and House Speaker Sal DiMasi are any indication, it’s going to be a wickedly contentious affair.

Both the Herald and the Globe covered the increasingly nasty battle of words between Patrick and DiMasi. The lesson we take away from all this is that it’s like visiting a broken home when our legislators go to work in the morning.

From the Herald:

“[DiMasi] said he didn’t like the direction it was going and that it was personal with the governor,” said the lawmaker, who asked for anonymity. “You could start to feel the pressure. He’s really digging in on this one.”

From the Globe:

“You could feel the tension,” said Representative Martin J. Walsh, Democrat of Dorchester and a casino supporter. “There were a lot of reps walking on eggshells.”

Don’t take it personally, lawmakers. Just like the children of feuding parents, their beef is with each other. Don’t let them use you as pawns in their battle.

Of course, some of the children are instigating.

“It seems they’ve reached a conclusion,” [Sen. Jack] Hart said. “Why are they asking people to testify or members to come? I think it’s a sham, and the people deserve better. . . . Give this bill and this idea a fair hearing, because it’s our responsibility to do so, no matter how you feel on the thing.”

“We certainly will be there and ready to be dazzled or have an epiphany based on any new information we’re given,” [Sen. Daniel Bosley] said. “But based on what I’ve seen out of the governor’s office so far, there is absolutely nothing new here. We have run the numbers, and clearly they have not.”

If it’s this bad now, we imagine Tuesday’s hearing will result in hair-pulling and slap fights. And we can’t wait.