Spanning the Web

1205775036Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

Student dies in Central Square: A 28-year-old Harvard Medical Student was struck and killed by a Shaw’s delivery truck in the early-morning hours at Prospect St. and Mass Ave. He was pronounced dead at 12:20 p.m. State and local police are still on the scene investigating. [Cambridge Chronicle]

Also, it wasn’t very funny: WBZ has a list of reactions to Sal DiMasi‘s crack about his female aide coming from Eliot Spitzer‘s office. Our favorites are the ones that blame the liberals for not having a sense of humor, and a bizarre one about newscasters presenting news and not opinion. You do know there’s a difference between the Speaker of the House and David Wade, right? [WBZ]

Dice-K gets the start: See, there’s no need to panic. There was always a good chance the Red Sox would find somebody to pitch in Japan. Daiskue Matsuzaka will get the ball in the opener. []

You should be worrying about this: The Massachusetts Bankers Association has issued a warning about another data breach. A third of its 200 banks have been contacted by big credit card firms about at-risk credit cards. Who uses credit cards anymore? [WCVB]