T-Wolves Owner: ‘KG Tanked It’

1199374159We have come to love Kevin Garnett this year in Boston. We won’t go into that silly “born to be a Celtic” mythos since the immortal Brett Szabo once grazed on the parquet floor too, but KG won over the fans with his heart, passion, and freakish enthusiasm. It was an easy sell.

So it was with wide eyes when we came across this link (via Deadspin) from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, wherein T-Wolves owner Glen Taylor accused Garnett of tanking at the end of last year. Whoa.

Here’s the full quote:

“I don’t like that so much, I don’t like that,” Taylor said of the notion the Wolves tanked last season. “It was more like, I’d say, K.G. tanked it.”

Taylor said Garnett took himself out of the lineup with five games to play last season for what the team called an injured quadriceps muscle.

Says the man who risked the whole franchise to sign Joe Smith to a secret deal.