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Your condensed guide to today’s papers.

If you shopped here, you’re kind of screwed: The Hannaford Brothers grocery store chain says that a security breach exposed 4.2 million credit and debit cards. 1,800 fraud cases have already been reported. [Herald]

Breaking! Breaking! Australian harpsichordist is not a terrorist: The crack MBTA police unit surrounded a Red Line train and held a 50-year-old Cambridge man on suspicion of terrorism last week. That will teach you to make fun of our accents, Outback Jack. [Globe]

It’s right between balancing the budget and lunch: The Casino Bill finally gets its day before the legislature. By all accounts it’s deader than your St. Patrick’s Day hangover. [Globe]

New leads in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum art heist:They have apparently been “pouring in” with help from the Herald’s website. Among the tips: affirmative action is bad, activist judges are ruining our country, and moonbats are running Beacon Hill. [Herald]