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1205929744Elegy for a casino proposal, which is not dead (yet): Gov. Deval Patrick begs House members to make amendments to the casino bill instead of killing it outright, but Speaker Sal DiMasi is still working to put an end to the proposal after yesterday’s never-ending hearing. [Globe]

Start searching State House couches for change: If the Governor’s plan is defeated, the Legislature will face some tough financial times without the penciled-in $400 million in casino revenue. [Herald]

Or let the Speaker play enforcer: Sal DiMasi may create a Municipal Audit Bureau, which would monitor city and town spending. We’re all looking at you, Newton. [Herald, Globe]

Speaking of entities facing crippling debt: The Turnpike Authority is kicking around new tolls after its plan to refinance high-interest debt was rejected late last week. [Globe]