The Week That Was

1199374159Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (No Tanks (and no casinos, either) edition)

Ballplayers stage half-day strike for the bullpen coach: We’re kind of proud of them.

Tim Haslett, a musical man about town died this week: Joe Keohane offers his memories.

Only a masochist would hit up two St. Patrick’s Day Breakfasts: Or a social climber.


Introducing the new owner of The Beat: Jessica Van Sack, who then proved her mettle by going undercover to catch pervs.

This is why we love Bartley’s: It took them about a minute to come up with the “Eliot Spitzer Burger.”


A young man died in Central Square Monday morning: We try to make sense of the worst intersection in Cambridge.

You know who else votes for Obama? Carpenters. Lumberjacks, however, go for Hillary: Make the voting trend pieces stop, please.


Derjue just flew in from Florida: And those Logan security screeners are making her tired.

Ricky Gervais picks on Lowell: Jeez Ricky, sorry the Sun didn’t meet your high standards.


Those crazy kids in Somerville still think they’re getting the Green Line: Why they would want it is anyone’s guess.

If we can’t have Hemp Fest, we don’t want to go anyway: The city is considering closing down The Common to large-scale events, like, um, Hemp Fest.


The Casino Bill is dead: In other news: water is wet, the sun is hot, and the Bruins lost to Montreal.

But not before some nice speeches were made: The Hill and the Hall chronicles it all.

Bonus: Celtics Mess With Texas, Kick Its Ass

Sam Cassell has big, eyes: Sam I Am endears himself to the C’s by helping to complete massive comeback against San Antonio, and then mimics that he’s well-endowed.

T-Wolves owner proves idiocy: We were just going to say that KG looked like he was going through the motions when he goes for 20-10 every night.

The Rockets won 22 straight? Past tense.

That’s what you get for banning bloggers, Cuban: C’s take out Mavs to finish off the sweep.

That’s all for this week. If you need us, we’ll be watching the NIT.