Breakfast with the Sox, and Boston Daily

There isn’t much we won’t endure to watch the Sox. Overpriced tickets at Fenway? Sure. Ken Macha on the pregame? OK. Those insufferable Jordan’s Furniture ads? If we must.

1206369583So, what’s the problem with getting up a little early to watch the defending world champs open the season in Japan?

“Playing it that early in the morning is a pain in the (expletive),” said die-hard fan Kyle Rocco, 22, of Medford. “I think the fans have been sold out.”

First, there’s no such thing as a 22-year-old die-hard fan. Second, a little cheese to go with that whine, Kyle? And you wonder why people think Red Sox fans are entitled.

Well, not us. We here at Boston Daily don’t mind getting up a little early to watch the boys of summer play in a dome in Japan. And since we’ll be awake, we figure you might want to join us.

That’s right, we’ll be jumping on the live-blogging bandwagon for the Sox and A’s, and we’d like a little company. How’s it going to work? We have no idea, but we talked to some experts (OK, it was Daulerio) and we think it will go swimmingly.

Will Dice-K dominate in his native land, or continue to be a professional nibbler? How will Don and Jerry perform with jet lag? How will they get by without Tina Cervasio’s light as air hard-hitting sideline reports? We can’t wait to find out.

Join us bright and early tomorrow morning for more.