Rep. Barney Frank: Smoke It If You Got It

1206372061Back in the 70s, then-Massachusetts State Rep. Barney Frank attempted to decriminalize marijuana in the Bay State. On Friday night’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, Congressman Frank took his pro-legalization platform national and announced he will file legislation to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.

Frank said that he feels safe enough in his Congressional seat to attempt the controversial legislation. Maher, who advocates legalizing drugs, said the proposal “warmed the cockles of [his] heart.”

Frank wants to federally decriminalize pot because people who use the drug in states that allow medicinal use of marijuana can still face federal charges. Frank also called prosecuting people with small amounts of weed “silly.”

“I’ve even got a name for it. The Make Room for the Serious Criminals Bill,” Frank told an applauding audience.

Details are still sketchy, but pro-legalization bloggers are thrilled with the development. Or as thrilled as a bunch of stoners can be. We imagine them reacting to the news (slowly) by saying “dude” to each other.