The Lowell Sun Strikes Back (Lamely)

Whether it’s Paris Hilton calling Lindsay Lohan names or Paul McCartney’s crazy divorce proceedings, we love a good Hollywood catfight.

1206386543We’ve got good seats for a brewing battle. Last week, British comedian Ricky Gervais posted a video on his blog in which he teased the Lowell Sun. Instead of rolling over for the A-lister, the Sun fired back. [Link via Universal Hub.]

We defended the Sun initially, but the disjointed response in the paper’s celebrity news section has us considering a defection to Team Gervais.

Holding up a copy of The Sun from March 5, he says: “I don’t know what the readership is, but I imagine most people in Lowell read it.” He got that right.

In another video, he attacks assistant Jake with a Nerf gun. These guys must be dying to start shooting. We know we are.

That. . . doesn’t make sense. Are you excited for the movie to start production, or are you going to pump Gervais full of yellow foam bullets? Hopefully he takes you to task again on his blog so we can get some clarification.