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1206361591Golf comes back to bite Sal DiMasi. Again: The Globe finds that Cognos, the firm that received a $13 million state contract after a rushed bidding process, was a platinum sponsor of a golf charity event hosted by the Speaker. DiMasi’s spokesman maintains that nothing inappropriate went down. [Globe]

To the left, to the left: State Police want to pass a law that would require drivers to move one lane to the left when a police car is stopped in the breakdown lane. Several officers have been injured by drivers who aren’t paying attention. [Herald]

But soon you may have fewer officers to avoid: Nearly 40 percent of the State Police force is eligible for retirement. State Police Superintendent Mark Delaney says he will step up efforts to recruit new officers, with a focus on attracting minority candidates. [Globe]

Think of all the money the state’s making on the gas tax: Massachusetts residents spent $1.1 billion at casinos in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine last year. [Herald]