Another Staffer Flees Globe

Yikes. Globe editor Marty Baron might want to think about locking all the exit doors. That would probably violate any number of fire codes and invite a steep fine, but it’s a better alternative than watching your entire staff leave.

Reporter Peter J. Howe, who’s been at the Globe for 22 years (serving the last nine in the business section), is abandoning the broadsheet to take a gig at NECN.

A few weeks ago, the Globe took a major hit when business columnist Steve Bailey, executive editor Helen Donovan, and deputy managing editor for news Mike Larkin all announced they were saying goodbye to the paper. Howe’s departure won’t turn as many heads as Bailey’s exit, but the man was a solid contributor to the Globe for more than two decades.

As NECN’s new business reporter, Howe will be seen on “Business Day” and “This Week in Business ” starting on April 8. He replaces Mont Fennel, who’s leaving NECN after 16 years.

In a press release issued by the station, Howe said he was “eternally grateful” to the Globe for the opportunities he was given there, and that he’s excited to join NECN.

It’s a great get for NECN, but, at this point, who hasn’t landed a former Globie? And about that: Boston Daily demands to be next in line. Marty, pal, be sure to send your next defector our way.