Cambridge City Council Asks for a Do-Over

Keeping large groups of students from living in an apartment is all the rage. Earlier this month, Boston City Councilor Mike Ross’ four-student limit was unanimously approved by the Boston Zoning Commission. The fad has apparently spread across the Charles.

The Cambridge City Council decided to look into changing local zoning laws. Then immediately regretted it.

The Cambridge Chronicle reports on the comedy of errors at Monday’s council meeting.

The proposal passed, 6-1.

Later, as the meeting was about to adjourn and most of the city councilors had already put on their winter coats and were standing to leave, City Councilor Sam Seidel asked to change his vote on the proposal to a “no.” Then, City Councilor David Maher quietly made the same request.

. . .Was it unclear? The proposal listed in the minutes isn’t at all confusing to us.

That the City Manager is requested to report back to the City Council on the City’s policies and regulations concerning the number of unrelated people living in the same dwelling unit and any suggestions to modify that number.

It’s unclear why the councilors changed their minds, but Councilor Tim Toomey stopped the madness by postponing the proposal for another meeting. Hopefully the councilors will know what they’re voting on next time.