Pole Dancing for the Children

Kids these days are fat. The Globe reports on a Newton-based company that hopes to change children’s eating habits by involving parents in revamping their diet and levels of physical activity.

1206538842But some parents are already leading by example. Instead of holding bake sales, a parent-teacher group in that town is raising money for programs by auctioning off pole dancing lessons.

We totally support the Mason-Rice Elementary School’s decision to get money for all the extras that students once took for granted in this manner. Kids will be inspired to turn off the XBox and go play outside when they see their parents return flushed and euphoric from their “dance lesson.”

The listing even advertises the physical benefit.

Enjoy a private pole fitness party with up to 8 of your friends at Super Shag Studios on Moody Street in Waltham. What a great opportunity to try something different … and explore your the wild side! It counts as exercise too!

It’s a win-win for Newton. Once parents learn the art of the pole dance, they can use those skills at the next fundraising event. The new Newton North isn’t going to pay for itself, you know.