Separating the Girls from the Fans

Female sports fans have it better than male sports fans. While men’s eye candy appears on the sidelines or between quarters, we get to ogle the athletes during the entire game. We’d rather have equal pay, but we’ll take our victories where we can get them.

But Jason Varitek’s thighs aren’t the only reason we like baseball. Although a new website for female Sox fans makes it seem that way.

The Herald’s gossip column reports on Girl Sox Nation, a website that caters to female fans. The site is mercifully not pink, but the logo consists of a baseball cap with a ponytail sticking out. Features of the site include a photo gallery of smiling players and female fans, lessons on the batting order, and “Pink Hats—Girlie Gossip and Frivolous Fun.”

Ugh. You know how we feel about pink hats.

Gender-segregated sports discussion makes me uncomfortable, because it usually ends up sounding like this.

Chris Carter: The beautiful, hard working, humble, beautiful (oops, I said that already) switch hitting utility guy. We loved watching you swing your…bat.

It’s one thing to be a site that caters to females who want to talk about the hotness of Jacoby Ellsbury. But Girl Sox Nation hasn’t decided whether it’s a gossip site or a place for discussing the game itself. We hope it decides soon before Neanderthals start citing it as an example of why women can’t appreciate the game.