Somerville Is All-American

1206548443Somerville has an undeserved bad reputation. Sometimes referred to as “Slumerville,” it’s best known for its triple-deckers, dismal T service, fascist parking regulations, and as the future home of an IKEA.

But Somerville has so much more to offer. The city has been selected as a finalist for the National Civic League’s All-America City Award.

The All-America Award is given to 10 cities annually (Barnstable, MA and Lewiston, ME were local towns that won last year) for “exemplify[ing] the true American spirit at work.”

Mayor Joe Curtatone tells the Somerville Journal he’s optimistic the ‘Ville has a shot at a win.

“In recent years, our community has worked together to rise above negative stereotypes and create a positive, sustainable city where people can live, work and raise a family. Our determination and community spirit in creating a city that communities nationwide look to as an example is certainly something that all of our residents deserve to be recognized for.”

You hear that, Massachusetts? Somerville isn’t going to be the punchline for your jokes anymore. That honor now belongs to Revere.