The Globe Holds Its Fire

1206541671Take a look at the front page of today’s Globe. Aww, that lady is wearing what Don Orsillo would call a “happy coat.” Our state has no money. John McCain has to navigate some tobacco legislation.

Something important is missing here.

While we love to watch McCain squirm, we respectfully submit the story about Hillary Clinton outright lying about her 1996 trip to Bosnia is a little more important. But that story is reduced to a blurb in the Campaign Notebook.

Commenting for the first time on the controversy over her account of the 1996 landing in Tuzla, Clinton told reporters in Pennsylvania: “I made a mistake. That happens. It proves I’m human, which, you know, for some people is a revelation.”

Yes, but she’s a human who touts her international experience as one of the primary reasons why she should be the Democratic nominee. This wasn’t an embellishment—this was a complete fabrication.

Compare the Globe’s lackluster coverage to the Herald’s brilliant headline “Hillary under fire now, But not in Bosnia, she admits.” They also got in on the story with an op-ed that gets to the heart of the issue.

Silly? Yes, of course it is. Silly of Sen. Clinton to reinvent a moment she had already recounted in her own memoir. Silly to think that somehow an account of her arriving under fire would make her a better candidate or a more experienced leader.

And the broader implication is that if she can’t tell the truth about the little stuff, can she be trusted to tell the truth about the big stuff?

On the Globe’s op-ed page? A complaint about the dismal weather. Way to stay relevant, guys.