McCain to Hit the Trail (With Romney)

1193334712We don’t ask for much at Boston Daily: A couple of good controversies, a little public sniping between elected officials, and the hilarity that is the Cambridge City Council and we’re good to go. But if we were to ask the Blog Gods for anything it would be a return to public life for Mitt Romney.

Even better, Romney sharing the stage with (gulp) John McCain. Thank you, Blog Gods.

We know what we’re going to get from Romney: Some overheated rhetoric about terrorists that would make Rudy Giuliani blush, a little Massachusetts bashing, and some good old fashioned pandering. But pair Mitt with McCain and the possibilities are endless.

It’s well-known that McCain can’t stand Romney, but the old saw about politics making strange bed fellows (and not in the Eliot Spitzer/Jim McGreevey sense) holds here. While not confusing terrorist organizations in Iraq, McCain has been on a Western swing trying to stay relevant in these days of all Hill/Bama all the time.

Romney has made it clear he wouldn’t mind sharing the ticket with the angry old man distinguished statesman. Perhaps this is the next step. Could we be so lucky?