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1206621574Sal, it might be time to stop buying software: House Speaker Sal DiMasi spent $120,000 from a fund meant to help re-elect Democratic House members on software from Sage Systems, which is owned by a longtime DiMasi friend. A spokeswoman for the PAC says the money helped get a discount on software that legislators use to examine voter trends. [Herald]

And maybe stay away from film festivals too: A couple of DiMasi’s friends benefited from a $50,000 grant for a small film festival with which they’re associated. [Herald]

Have you considered pole dancing lessons? Mayor Tom Menino authorized a one-time $10 million cash infusion to the city’s school district, which will prevent massive layoffs and school closings. Until next year, anyway. [Globe]

Conductor goes down with the train: The MBTA praised conductor Ronald Gomes for staying with the commuter rail train as a runaway freight car barreled towards him instead of jumping out of the cab. We’d like to thank him too. We can’t even imagine the brouhaha that would ensue if he’d saved only himself. [Globe]