Gov. Patrick Gets a Win

1206717821That was fast. reports that Gov. Deval Patrick has scored a deal with Broadway Books. The governor’s autobiography will be released in 2010. Looks like that personal day in New York was worth it after all.

In fact, his visit earned him $1.35 million, not a bad haul especially when one considers his various mortgages. It seems Massachusetts’ first black governor with the rags-to-riches story inspired quite a bidding war among publishers. Patrick says he will donate “an unspecified portion” of his royalties to A Better Chance, the organization that financed his education at Milton Academy.

Patrick’s autobiography sounds like it will be quite the yarn.

The book will draw upon Patrick’s “extraordinary journey from Chicago’s Wabash Avenue to the Massachusetts State House” and offer “a series of lessons and insights on life and leadership,” according to the release.

That’s all well and good, but what we want to know is how he really feels about Salvatore DiMasi.