No, Thank You, Steve Bailey

1206725019We’ve spent the last couple weeks in a state of denial. We kept reading Steve Bailey’s columns, still not quite believing that he’d given up his job with the Globe after 30 years. But today, the reality of Bailey’s departure set in with his final piece for the paper of record.

Man. We’re so bad at goodbyes.

Bailey is known for his old-school journalistic style, but he acknowledges the effect the new online school has had on his industry.

Newspapers, in print and online, continue to provide our common language. After a lifetime spent in newsrooms, I believe this as much as I believe anything. Flawed though they are, newspapers are our town common, the place where we meet, learn about one another, and debate what is right and what is not. They amuse us, and they anger us. And to the extent that people opt out of that common conversation, we are the lesser for it.

We couldn’t agree more. Without newspapers, what exactly, would have the blogosphere have to talk about? Whether we’re lauding a piece or railing against the inaccuracies, the ink-and-paper outlets keep us moving.

Bailey was one of the good ones, and our city is diminished without him. Have fun in London, Steve. Bring us back something nice when you come back to visit.