The Week That Was

Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (channeling our inner Yankee edition)

We liveblogged the Sox opener: And Flannery got to work overtime thanks to extra innings.

Mitt Romney can’t pick a winner: John McCain brings him on board anyway.

The Mike Barnicle haters are organizing: They’ve got a blog. Fear them.

Doug Flutie is in effect: Scientists prove the Flutie Effect is real.

We know who the HempFest keynote speaker will be this year: Rep. Barney Frank wants to legalize it.

The Lowell Sun swings: And misses Ricky Gervais.

Bring us your huddled reporters, who are rapidly breaking free: Globe staffers continue to jump ship.

Drunk, high, what’s the difference? A firefighter who was arrested for smoking pot in a department vehicle still wants to be paid.

Brian McNamee comes to Everett: On the first stop of his “I’m sorry, so sorry” tour.

Newton heads to the stripper pole: But it’s all for the children.

Sam Power returns: And we start pairing her initials and ours on the back of our notebooks.

Gary Zerola is innocent (again): But we’re not having any daydreams about that guy.

We develop a sudden interest in civics: Largely because the Cambridge City Council meetings are so drama-filled.

Ralph Martin drops out of a race he never officially entered: And Mayor Menino is delighted.

21 gets panned: Just by its trailer.

Joseph Shahda takes down another terrorist website: We give him his due, unlike some news outlets.

If you prefer sex to the fighting in Cambridge: Check out the hot-n-heavy action at Boston City Council meetings.

We say farewell to Steve Bailey: Remember, they drive on the opposite side of the road in England.

Sal and Deval
It was a rough start to the week for Sal, with accusations that he favored Cognos for a state contract because they donated to his favorite charity. Then he did some more stuff that was shady.

But the pressure was off once Deval was above the fold news for the New York Times. Then there was that hot makeup legislation. Hopefully Deval paid for the post-legislation meal, since he just inked a $1.35 million deal for his autobiography.

That’s all for us for this week. If you need us we’ll be checking out the mood lighting at City Council meetings, if you know what we mean.