Kraft Speaks, Blames the Herald

This afternoon, Patriot owner Bob Kraft made his first public comments about Spygate since the season ended. During the annual NFL meetings in Florida, he addressed the topic, though most of what he had to say wasn’t a surprise: He’s not over the Super Bowl loss; he’s aware of the negative reaction the team has evoked since the video incident; and he’s been storing up some special venom for everyone’s favorite tabloid.

“A newspaper made a damaging allegation about the so-called Matt Walsh affair. I believe it’s something that never happened,” Kraft said. “If so, why wouldn’t — two months later — anything have come out? But we live in a society where people can make any kind of allegations. But then, it has to be substantiated.”

Kraft was speaking about this story that ran two days before the Super Bowl, a story that has yet to be truly substantiated or debunked. And that won’t change until Matt Walsh speaks.

For his part, Herald beat writer John Tomase has never said Walsh, or his attorney, was his source on the story. He never said they weren’t either, but someone told him that the Patriots videotaped the Rams walk-through prior to the Super Bowl. Just because Walsh hasn’t testified isn’t proof that it’s not true. From all indications, it’s the NFL that has held up Walsh’s testimony, not the other way around.

The NFL has said it looked into the allegations during its investigation and couldn’t substantiate it, but it’s not as if Tomase picked this out of thin air. Of course, the NFL destroyed all the evidence it gathered during the investigation, so if Tomase is being held to such a high standard, shouldn’t the league be as well?

The NFL wants Spygate to go away. It’s bad for business to have people dumping on one of its signature franchises. Sworn Patriot enemies like Bill Polian have said publicly that it’s time to move on, but until Walsh talks, and the league and the Patriots offer a rebuttal, there are still unanswered questions.