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1206985896This one is for all you fans of irony out there: Boston Police arrested a man at the Liberty Hotel on a slew of charges, and he then spent the night in jail. One currently in service, not the former Charles Street Jail. [, second item]

So now we can add music piracy to the list of crimes happening in Dorchester? The city’s experimental low-cost WiFi program is now live. About 8,000 households can access the service, which costs $9.95 per month after a free trial. [WBZ]

Yet another reason we’re happy to live alone: Not needing to find roommates on Craigslist. [mennonno sapiens via Universal Hub]

Well, that’s unusual: Cambridge Police arrested the gunman in a shooting at the after-hours mecca Hi-Fi Pizza in Central Square, but can’t find the victim. [Cambridge Chronicle]

And here’s what Bostonista has for you.

If she shows up in a Smurfette-inspired blonde wig, we’ll call in the shrink: Alyssa Giacobbe has Smurfs on the brain, and it’s beginning to show.