Weekend Redux: What You Missed

1206969190 Come on. Somebody’s got to be excited about adding Gov. Deval Patrick’s autobiography to their Good Reads shelf in 2010. Right?


It proves he’s still tone deaf when it comes to understanding politics and the media in the commonwealth” said Tobe Berkovitz, interim dean of the Boston University School of Communications.

Maybe in the Globe?

“Candidate Patrick campaigned on transparency, and he told us that he would be a full-time governor,” Rob Willington, executive director of the Massachusetts Republican Party, said in a statement. “At this point, his book should have a whole section on how to run a misleading and disingenuous political campaign.”

Ah well. There are more important things to think about. Like whether the governor can actually write worth a damn. He can’t possibly do worse than this unfunny top 10 list from the Herald.

College kids are playing a terrestrial version of Quidditch, the game characters play in the Harry Potter books. If this becomes the new adult kickball, we’re going to be very disappointed.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis tells his officers to play by the rules or face stiff punishments. The police union is whining, but Davis is sticking to his guns. We hope the firefighters are paying attention.

Tater tots aren’t as cheap as they used to be. School lunches are getting more expensive. Hope none of our schools paid too much for that contaminated cantaloupe.

Some retirees are learning it sucks to be old. They’re upset that the developers of their condo buildings are going back on their pledge to keep young people out.

“Why should the seniors pay because they can’t make as much money as they expected?” said Bob Cyr, 56.

It’s because you’re old. In our society, nobody cares about old people. Haven’t you seen The Simpsons?

The leader of the Boston Redevelopment Authority has a new and exciting way to do his job– actually listening to people. Extraordinary.

Another shocking development: If a financially-troubled homeowner can talk to the mortgage company, maybe they can avoid foreclosure.