Manny Ramirez: Male Model

Red Sox left fielder Manny Ramirez is inspirational in so many ways. His ability to mold his dreadlocks into new and exciting styles, for example. The way he’s embraced his pursuit of spiritual wisdom. And, you know, his ability to hit a baseball really hard.

1207063470But, we never thought we’d look to Manny for style advice. But Macy’s has tapped the baseball star for an ad campaign.

Ramirez will have his own individual print ads, and appears in a group shot with Joe Torre, Dave Roberts, and Albert Pujols for the department store’s Father’s Day campaign.

Sports Business Journal has a preview of the ad campaign and we’re pretty pleased with it. Manny’s pants appear to be a bit too large for him, just like how he prefers to wear them on the field. Not only that, but it appears Torre is wearing a bright orange polo shirt. We can’t wait to see that up close when the ads are released in the next few months.