State Police Investigate Hingham Cop

State Police are reviewing 911 tapes made by the 17-year-old son of a veteran Hingham Police commander who accused his father of threatening him at gunpoint after an argument this month – a story we first reported here.

Last night state police troopers met with Hingham Police Chief Taylor Mills to review investigative reports and the 911 tapes regarding Lt. Kris Phillips, who is accused of “racking a bullet,” into his service weapon and pointing it at his teen son.

Mills told Boston last week that Phillips has been suspended pending the results of a Department of Social Services investigation. Mills’ secretary, Lynne Phillips, is married to the accused cop and is the teen’s step-mother. She too has been placed on administrative duty after the Boston story ran, two law enforcement sources said.

DSS spokesman Juan Martinez said the investigation into the gunpoint incident is ongoing.

The incident took place on March 22, after Phillips finished a police detail and picked up his son at a friend’s house. The alleged armed threat took place in the car, and the teen called 911 from his home that night.

Mills insisted that the case was not “cut and dry,” but could not explain why there were no arrests made, which is the standard for most police officers accused of a domestic violence incident.

Phillips was furious after he was questioned by state police at the Hingham stationhouse, a police source said, and stormed out screeching: “I’m going to sue everyone.”