The Triumphant Return of NKOTB

1201636030It sounds like the premise for a horrible midseason reality TV show on FOX. Two former reality show contestants, a music producer, an actor, and a real estate developer take the stage in a bid to resurrect their 20-year-old band. But, in fact, it is the premise of something awesome.

New Kids on the Block are back.

Our friend Joey McIntyre will be joined by former bandmates Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, and Jordan and Jonathan Knight for a tour. The band will make an official announcement during an appearance on the Today Show on Friday morning, according to the Globe.

We’re not quite sure how to feel about this, now that our dream is coming to fruition. Sure, we relish the idea of squealing our hearts out as the guys rehash hits like “Step by Step” and “Please Don’t Go Girl.” But as much as we still love them, we’re worried that the Kids can hit the notes they could in their teenage years.

But we’ll totally go. Joey Mac is still a fox after all these years.